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Why should kitchen fitters register on a niche business listing site?
  • May 25th, 2021

Why should kitchen fitters register on a niche business listing site?

The world of online business listing sites is huge. From miscellaneous web portals to industry-specific business directories – plasterers can go for any platform. But it’s a well-known fact that an industry-focused web platform performs better than a random listing site.


Adding a listing on a niche web portal such as The Home Improvement Register allows the kitchen fitters to work on the maximum number of kitchens. And all these without investing a penny. Does it seem like a dream? But not anymore!


As people are gaining more knowledge on the effectiveness of web listing sites, their popularity is increasing day by day. With a simple listing on a similar platform, you open up new business opportunities that you may not have enjoyed otherwise.


From a round the clock business reachability to improved business views to great online presence – everything is right at your fingertips.


Just choose a suitable online catalogue to add the business and proceed with a listing option. Go for a listing option between free and premium and enjoy the joyride.


The affordability is the best feature of such platforms as they don’t charge thousands of pounds. The free listing comes with zero investment policy and the paid version also doesn’t charge an arm and a leg.


Though directories are a traditional marketing strategy, they are fruitful. From a printed form to a digital version – the long journey has made business directories popular among service providers.


As responsible kitchen fitters, businesses just need to keep the business details updated all the time. It’s never ideal for a business if potential leads come across obsolete information which is not in use anymore. If you welcome a change in the business details, incorporate them in the listing as well. This will make a business appear trustworthy to the clients.


Web portals are not only about promoting the registered businesses, but they do more than that. Listing sites like The Home Improvement Register keep kitchens online 24*7 and allow the businesses to be in front of their eyes throughout the day.


Operating a business successfully is no easy task. From thoughtful planning to the right execution – it involves effort that many end up neglecting. But with an online listing site, you let the portals perform these tasks on behalf of you.


Let’s take a look at the benefits that registered plasterers and kitchen fitters enjoy with The Home Improvement Register:


  • Affordable service
  • Round the clock online visibility
  • Great online presence
  • Improved online business views
  • Greater business reach


Safety Precautions for Covid-19


The registered services on The Home Improvement Register take care of all Covid-19 guidelines suggested by the government. No stone is left unturned to ensure everyone involved in the business is doing their best to keep everyone safe and sound.

Niche web portals perform the best when it comes to adding a business on a web directory. Don’t just start with a random listing portal!